Barry Bonds denied entry into Hall of Fame

I’m dismayed to say that Barry Bonds, the greatest hitter of our times, not to mention a 7 time Player of the Year award winner, was denied entry into the Hall of Fame. There’s little proof of what Bonds did or didn’t do and based on what he says he did there’s scant evidence that this mystery cream helped Barry Bods hit over 700 home runs. Not possible. Hitting a baseball pitched by a Major League pitcher is one of the hardest things to do in sports. Bonds did it effortlessly and with grace, class and consistency. Any guy who can break the home run record should automatically be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Period….Image


Pete Rose

Why is Pete Rose not a Hall of Famer??
He played his ass off, was a champion, did not take drugs and holds records no one will ever break. Yet because Pete had bet on games after he was out of baseball he’s been characterized as a monster whose influence is bad for the game. I say no. Pete Rose never bet on any games while he played and that’s all that matters. If we looked into every single activity of every past hall of fame player and judged them on life after baseball merits I’m sure the ranks would be greatly reduced. Let’s get Charlie Hustle into the Hall of Fame.

Muhammad Ali

I met Muhammad Ali back in 1979. I was an up and coming sports photographer who just happened to meet and become friends with Ali. It was a very magical time for me. Ali and I spent many days driving from his home on Freemont Place to Martin Luther King Hospital where I saw the real Ali. He performed magic tricks for the sick kids. It was very moving and the looks on these kids faces when Muhammad Ali walked, unannounced, into the kids ward will stay with me forever. I shot this pic of Ali in 1981. His last fight. The Drama in the Bahamas. Ali vs. Trevor Berbick… I’ll be posting stories about Ali from time to time.. Happy New Year everyone..

Does A-Rod think he’s doing the right thing ???

I wish NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez would recuse himself from the game… I find it disturbing that he’s make this much noise over his drug use and past denials of it… Come clean dude or at least talk to Lance Armstrong to see what happens to athletes who deceive the public and their sponsors…

Is football to violent ???

After watching players falling like dominoes this season (not to mention all the seasons past) I’m wondering how to make this game safer ?? Is this possible or do we forsake safety for entertainment value ??